What is CCN? Let me explain about CCN.

How are you all doing after the New Year?

I think I’m tired of corona all over the world during the New Year holidays.

On the other hand, the virtual currency world seems to be unaffected from Corona.

There are various currencies around the world, but I think there are also Ponzi scheme and dishonest business. 

Recently, Bitcoin and Ethereum have greatly increased their value.

I share this article good information for novice investors looking for the next currency.

So this time too, I was in a position to hear one great project directly from the company side.

It’s call CCN. (Cosmos Club Network)

CCN (Cosmos Club Network) is a project of a new era blockchain project called COSMOS (ATOM)!

This is the very amazing projects.

When you hear about virtual currencies, you may think “Well …”, but The virtual currencies are inseparable in your life now.
The penetration rate is low because only bad news from all over the world precedes it and it has a “dangerous” image “, but it can be said that virtual currency is indispensable for current investment.

Now that cash is changing to electronic money, the world is changing day by day due to the diversification of major companies and national and public institutions.

Binance, a major exchange, is one of the first to adopt Cosmos. The car makers TOYOTA, which you all know, are already developing using the Cosmos blockchain.

Many other companies have also announced their participation now.

The current situation is that virtual currencies are close to your part of life soon.

In the past, I was an amateur in currencies world, not even knowing that currencies were in their third generation.
However, I came across an investment project that wanted to know more about the cryptocurrency CCN (Atom).

There is no doubt that you will make a profit by studying virtual currency.
It Because CCN will just started a new!

There are many people in your country who do not know CCN yet, so I love to explain it understandable.


The current price of Bitcoin is $40,000, but when it was first born in 2008, it was less than

1 penny or less.

In other words, the price of Bitcoin has increased 40,000 times in 12 years.

And the cryptocurrency that became famous next to Bitcoin is Ethereum.

The price of this Ethereum has also increased 250 times from 2017 to 2018. In 2018, the market for Ethereum before the price increase was $ 5 billion, and 200 to 300 companies participated.

As of 2020, the market size of cosmos is 5 billion USD, and the number of participating companies is 200 to 300. In other words, Cosmos is very similar to when Ethereum went up in price!

Learn more about blockchain here.

1, blockchain 1.0
Bitcoin ” that you all know.

Bitcoin is the world’s first virtual currency using blockchain.

It became a great topic.

Bitcoin was also able to be used as “money.”

This is the first generation blockchain.

2, blockchain 2.0
Ethereum ” came out as if we could do more with that application. Have you heard of this as well?

Second-generation blockchains can now be used for more than just money.

This blockchain was developed so that contracts and data will not be tampered with.

Currently, the second generation blockchain is the mainstream.

However, there was also a problem. Simply put, it’s a hacking incident.
The danger of using an exchange has emerged.
There are many, but the coin check case is a famous case.

Besides, Bitcoin and Ethereum are separate blockchains, so I couldn’t trade directly.

And since the second generation can be used for various things, everyone uses it and the processing of the server can not keep up. It’s already in a good condition.

What came out there

3, blockchain 3.0

It is the third generation blockchain 3.0.

It’s ” Cosmos ” (Atom).

Yes! It came out!

It’s just amazing. Because it is the next generation blockchain!

Processing performance about 500 times that of Ethereum,

And other blockchains can be connected to each other.
(Bitcoin → You can send money to Ethereum)

It’s a really amazing!

Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming obsolete.

VISA trades 1000 times per second, while Bitcoin and Ethereum trade 10 to 30 times.
In fact, it is said that cryptocurrencies called Bitcoin and Ethereum are slow and unusable.

Until now, projects using the cryptocurrency mechanism have often been developed using a platform called Ethereum.

However, as the number of people using Ethereum increased and the processing capacity could not keep up, 30,000 unconfirmed transactions occurred.

As a result, fees have also soaring.

Why are 30,000 unprocessed transactions accumulated and fees soaring?
It’s an excessive increase in the number of users.

Meanwhile, Cosmos is capable of processing as many as 4000 per second.

If everyone knows this, it’s only a matter of time before the price goes up.

An article like this came up from Facebook’s “Libra”.

30 block chain companies and non-profit organizations of, a virtual currency project “Libra” to the initiative of the social media giant Facebook, “OpenLibra” that the name of their own non We are planning to build an authorized version.

The core teams of Open Libra include those in charge of blockchain projects such as Cosmos , Web3, Democracy Earth, and nonprofit organizations such as the Danish Red Cross. 

About Validator and mining

If you’ve been invested to cryptocurrency, you’ve probably heard of the mining.
I think I explained about mining in CNV.
Simply put, cryptocurrencies are made up of multiple blocks of transaction data, which are connected to each other by a chain.

This is called blockchain technology.

A person called a miner who does mining gets cryptocurrency as a reward by creating new blocks.

To be rewarded for mining, you need to finish the mining process as quickly as possible.
In order to do so, it takes high-performance machines and electricity costs to do mining quickly.

Of course, depending on the scale of the mining operation, labor costs will also be required, and the machines will need to be replaced.
The question that arises is cost.

The more participants you have, the more it will cost you.
The main problems are space for mining, electricity bill, and labor costs.

The life of the mining machine is only about 3 years in the first place.
Difficulty (difficulty of mining due to the increase of participants (nodes)) just increases and it becomes unprofitable.

Due after this experience, many cryptocurrencies miner have actually started to use a different method of mining.

It is called a validator.

If you want to check the Validator.

Validator is a mechanism that makes it easier to obtain the right (reward) to connect a new block to the blockchain depending on the number of currencies held.

Unlike mining, there is no need for a machine or electricity bill, and labor costs are OK with just a few engineers too.

In addition, the processing (transaction) capacity of Bitcoin and Ethereum that employ mining is per second.

It’s about,

● 7 transactions for Bitcoin
● 30 transactions for Ethereum

Also, there are still many problems with payment.
However, Cosmos, the third generation currency, will improve that.

VISA and Master card have tens of thousands of transactions, so it’s hard to beat.
If it is a validator, it has the potential to exceed the processing speed capabilities of VISA and Master.

However, in the case of Cosmos, this processing speed is expected to be higher than VISA.

Mr Albino alligatorMr Albino alligator

 I mention the Cosmos is capable of processing as many as 4000 per second.

The existence of third-generation currencies created after the remittance troubles of Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. has definitely evolved to meet the needs of the next generation.

You can also see that many Japanese companies participate in Cosmos(Atom).

Now that Bitcoin has dropped againThere aren’t many currencies that are hope and promising.

The timing of investment is solely at your own risk, but I support CCN.

Why CCN is recommended

CCN is operated based on a decentralized system by volunteers who sympathize with the idea.

CCN is being operated on a decentralized basis by volunteers who sympathize with that idea.

Members scattered all over the world discuss and operate properly through communities such as CCN mailing lists and Telegram, so unlike centralized organizations, they are fair and safe to resist various frauds. We are building a decentralized system.

It can be said that this is the awesomeness of blockchain and CCN.

Among the members of this community are major shareholders of one of the world’s leading mining companies and some of the world’s top engineers.

CCN is operated based on a decentralized system by volunteers who sympathize with the idea.

Members scattered all over the world discuss and operate properly through communities such as CCN mailing lists and Telegram, so unlike centralized organizations, they are fair and safe to resist various frauds. We are building a decentralized system.

It can be said that this is the awesomeness of blockchain and CCN.

Among the members of this community are major shareholders of one of the world’s leading mining companies and some of the world’s top engineers.

There are five reasons to recommend CCN.

No electricity bill.
COSMOS does not require blockchain work that uses PoS, and does not cost electricity. Savings are very important to all the business.

There is no labor cost.
At CCN, the management of validator nodes is managed by a number of first-class engineers, and labor costs do not increase depending on the scale too.

Validator can be continued forever.
Unlike mining, which changes or breaks the machine in 3 years, it has the advantage of being able to continue forever.

Overwhelming technical capabilities
The engineers at CCN are top-notch engineers involved in the development of COSMOS, and we can carry out our business with the highest quality.

Strong community
The CCN community has some of the world’s leading engineers and wealthy individuals with more than tens of billions.
That’s why CCN has a lot of influence.

What CCN does 

What CCN does is to develop a blockchain that specializes in paying rewards by performing validation work.

Then there is the development of blockchains and games that specialize in games.

Appropriate operation management of Atom and development of cosmos.

So to speak, it means to fully support cosmos.

So what are the benefits of participating?  I guess World participate want to know that, So Let me explain it.

About four merits

1. You can get Cosmos validator rewards just by operating your smartphone or PC!

First of all, all the participants can participate in the maintenance and operation of the Cosmos blockchain, which is originally very difficult, by simply operating the smartphone / PC without doing anything, and receive the reward generated in it. You can.

Normally, there are various hurdles that must be overcome in order to participate in the maintenance and operation of the Cosmos blockchain.

It’s not just about having currency.
You must first purchase Bitcoin on the exchange in your country, and then transfer Bitcoin to your wallet after the purchase.

After receiving it in your wallet, you need to open an account on an overseas exchange and send money.

After confirming the remittance, check the transaction board and purchase ATOM, the base currency of Cosmos, at an appropriate price.
After that, ATOM must be moved to a dedicated wallet and sent from there to the address for participating in the maintenance operation of the Cosmos blockchain, and at this time as well, carefully check whether it is a fraudulent address and need to do it.

Even if all of the above is completed, not only must we always check whether the operator at the deposit destination is operating normally, but we also make a mistake in any one of these steps. If you send money to somewhere else, there is a risk that all the money will disappear in an instant.

I have to say that it is extremely difficult for ordinary people to do this perfectly.

At CCN, by doing all these tasks instead, everyone who participates in CCN can participate in the maintenance and operation of the Cosmos blockchain with a simple operation of a smartphone or PC, and will receive a validation reward every day.

Since CCN’s application operation is a very simple mechanism, even those who are a little older(grandma, grandpa) can participate.

2.Capital gains from rising ATOM prices that can be obtained
without advanced trading on the exchange.

Originally, when users tried to make capital gains on the exchanges, they were left out of the market because of the mental strain of being distracted by small price fluctuations, or even when prices dropped due to minor problems. There is a great potential for negativity to occur, and it can be worrisome and stressful to take your eyes off the market.

At CCN, we will perform proper storage of ATOM and proper operation of ATOM as a validator through the community on behalf of the participants, so you basically do not need to do anything.

All you have to do is watch your assets grow little by little on your smartphone or PC screen.

3. Base token of blockchain “DEBO” under development by CCN technical team.

The CCN technical team is developing a blockchain called “Decentralized Bonus Chain”, commonly known as “DEBO”, based on Cosmos.

Therefore, CCN participants can receive the base token “DEBOT” issued in “DEBO”.

Regarding this “DEBO”, as the official name “Decentralized Bonus Chain” suggests, it will be a blockchain for the purpose of decentralized reward system management.

Specifically, the purpose is to distribute rewards for all services in a decentralized manner.

This is because, for example, in network businesses and affiliates, there are too many cases where operations are fraudulent or suddenly disappear, which is a major factor in the social status of such word-of-mouth / referral businesses not increasing.

The current situation is that it is one of the above.

The idea that was born as a solution to such a problem is the decentralized reward payment system “DEBO” that utilizes Cosmos-based blockchain technology.

“DEBO” is a blockchain that is being developed using the Tender mint and Cosmos SDK, and aims to eliminate fraud such as not paying rewards for breaking promises.

Therefore, when the development of this blockchain reaches a practical level, we believe that CCN’s first introduction will lead to proof of its soundness.

First of all, the total issuance amount of this “DEBOT” is decided to be 1 billion DEBOT, of which 500 million DEBOT will be distributed to CCN participants.

On the first day of every month, 150 DEBOT will be distributed for each CCN participant’s participation amount of $ 500, and will end when the distribution of 500 million DEBOT is completed.

Regarding the potential market size and potential of this “DEBO”,For example, looking at the network business alone, it is said that there is a market size of 2 trillion USD in the world.

Among them, this “DEBO” is used in only 1% of services, and its market size reaches 20 billion USD. It can be said that “DEBO”, which can be expected to have such a large market size even if it is adopted by one in 100 companies, has tremendous potential, and the future listing and price increase of the base token “DEBOT”, It can be said that we can also expect about.

4. Base token “Lepton” of game-specific blockchain “MOLD” supported by CCN

“Lepton” will be the currency of distribution for the decentralized platform “MOLD”.
“MOLD” is a decentralized game platform that supports the development of new games and makes it easy, fair and secure to trade valuable data such as in-game items, weapons and armor.
In-game items, weapons, armor, etc. will be distributed to the market as tokens uniquely defined on the “MOLD” blockchain, enabling transactions that do not require a third person.

The mold blockchain is developed and used with Tender mintand CosmosSDK.

On the first day of each month, leptons will be distributed to CCN participants, and 37.5 leptons will be distributed per $500 of participation until the distribution limit is reached.

As this game-specific blockchain, MOLD, becomes more widespread, not only will players be able to hold in-game items as their own personal assets and buy and sell them through a decentralized trading system, but game companies will also be able to easily implement such a system.

The global game market is about 20 trillion yen, and if such a blockchain is used in the online game market, which is expanding due to the boom in e-sports, we will be able to play games. As a result, there is a great possibility that this “lepton” will be listed and the price will rise, as a major development is expected.

The lepton is DEBOT and the CCN has a lot to do with it.

Summary of what you get by joining CCN

・Anyone can easily participate in the maintenance and operation of Cosmos and receive validated fees.

・Capital gains from rising ATOM prices without having to do complicated trading and operations yourself.

・Receive “DEBOT,” the base currency of DEBO, a blockchain specialized in managing fair payouts of affiliate commissions for referrals and agency programs.

・Receive “lepton”, the base currency of the decentralized gaming platform blockchain “MOLD”.

I think that many investors are looking for the currency that will come next to Bitcoin and Ethereum due to the rise in the price of Bitcoin.

So far, I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of potential in the CCN project.
In the past, I was an amateur who didn’t even know that the currency had entered the third generation, but this project made me want to learn more about virtual currencies.
Because I could hear directly from the management.
Seminars are being held at various locations in Japan every day, and I’m currently preparing materials for overseas.
In other words, if you are reading this article now, you can participate at the right time.

I’m always open to questions.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Because the price is rising and the number of participants is increasing
I will contact you in order.

We will respond as soon as possible, Thank you for your corporation.

How to join CCN? Simulation for $ 500

Click here to continue.

CCN Participation method and compensation plan! also Simulation for $ 500!

If you want to read this far and participate, now is the time.

If you have something to ask in more detail Feel free to ask albino!

Please text me, what you want to know in “Telegram“ or “WhatsApp“.
If you attach the stamp together in text!,that’ll be thankful.

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Atom has increase in the last few days.

If you go up like this, we will support CCN as an investor!

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