⑥ New Announcement of CNV 2021!!

February 11, 2021, 
There was an announcement from the Coineal side.
When I heard this, I felt that CNV was thinking about their users and miners very much.

The price dropped significantly at the end of the last year, and there were many people who were worried and left from the market, but the participants in the mining industry are still making monthly profits.

As an investor, I felt confident that this announcement was not a scam.

It’s a must for anyone who wants to earn money easily on their phone and make more assets through diversified investment and leverage.

This is a big challenge for all of “Coineal” and I have high expectations as an investor myself.

If you have any direct questions, feel free to ask Albino.


If you are not knowing with how CNV started as a project, you can read about it here.

If you know about it, please scroll down to the bottom.


This CNV currency is not create for making money, but CNV currency created by the exchange to give back to users to create users.
This is important to business model.

I will explain the future movement and services of Coineal in the future.

Becoming a CNV Mining participant will give you a great return.

Please check here below.

① Reduction of transaction fees

At now this point, there is a transaction fee of 0.15%.

But the fee will change greatly if you hold large amount of CNV.

With a 5% to MAX 50% reduction in transaction fees, it is expected that the number of large users who will not let go of CNV will increase.
However, large investors can get big discounts by holding $ 5 million in CNV.
If that happens, I think that large investors will not be able to quit.

This fee reduction service is the first time to Coineal.
Also, if you get a Viscount with the MLA title, you can save even more transaction fees.

② You can receive points every month.

You can get points every month by owning CNV.
And that point can be exchanged for CNV.

1 point = 3CNV

For example, if you own 700 CNV, you will be paid 5 points every month, so you will get 15 CNV every month.

Mr Albino Alligator Mr Albino Alligator

Everyone likes to collect points, right?
If it’s worth collecting, let’s collect it! LoL

Advantages of holding points

(1) If you increase the number of points you hold, you will be able to use or participate in services within Coineal on a priority basis.

(2) Can be exchanged for CNV (1 point = 3 CNV)

③ Get CNV interest fee

If your CNVs are put to work(staking) inside of Coineal, you will earn monthly interest every month.

For example, if you lock 1,000 CNV for 30 days by staking, the interest fee will be 1,000 sheets x 2% = 20 sheets.

If you have purchased a $ 12,600 mining plan and the title is Viscount, your interest will be 4% and You will receive double’s 40 coins.

You can get “interest fee” every month from spring onwards.
In addition, a new listing exchange will be created in the fall, and we will also earn dividends from the profits there.

New participants will receive a lifetime supply of coins from Coineal.

Mr Albino Alligator Mr Albino Alligator

Amazing !!

There is a partnership to revitalize the CNV community, which is currently under discussion.
It is said that a debit card dedicated to withdrawals will be made.
Of course, it is a convenient debit card that can be withdrawn at a nearby convenience store.

You can easily take out the cash from ATM all over the world with it.

Super evolution roadmap

Towards the new participator CNV.

① Lending service

It will start in March.
By lending money, you can earn interest from it.
You can borrow with Bitcoin as collateral at USDT, and you can approach 7.5 million users directly from the management side.
We will increase the value by buying back 6 times a year.

Regarding lending, it is a system that returns to mining participants and CNV holders.

Please check here.

And if

For example, if 1% of 7.5 million people spend 10,000 yen for lending, they can expect a profit of 1 to 4 billion as an exchange.

The forehead is amazing.

75% of this profit will be used for CNV buyback.

In addition, the remaining 25% is reserved as a reserve fund and will be used to support the purchase of CNV.

It is expected to be bought back twice a year, and each buyback is expected to be between 500 million and 1.5 billion.

The amount might be such that only a few hundred million buybacks will be enough to bring the price up to where it was at the end of last year.

Can you all feel that Coineal is serious?
It’s a strategy that can only be done by an big exchange, and it’s a battle that can’t afford to fail in order to protect its own brand and its for the participator.

② CNV listing service

The main source of revenue for exchanges is

  • Transaction fees
  • Listing fee income

30 currencies are used in Coineal.

Other major exchanges list 100 to 500 currencies, so there are still more coineal listings available.

Many external projects will be listed on Coineal in the future.

Each time a new external project is listed, the necessary funds for the listing will come in.

Until now, the funds required for listing have been paid in bitcoin and other currencies.

But from now on, it will all have to be paid by CNV.

That means!

A lot of CNV will be needed to fund the listing, and the demand for CNV is expected to increase!

Also, the CNV will be adopted as the base currency for trading currencies!

CNV will be added to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT, which will increase the number of new users and places where CNV can be used, and further increase demand.

For example, like Atom / CNV or BNB / CNV.

This alone can be a very large revenue stream.

A 10% discount for paying transaction fees in CNV will also be available soon, so you can expect to earn a lot of money here as well.

③ Steak service this summer start

Same as a stock certificate
By depositing CNV, you can get dividends from two business growths.

Margin trading will also be added as CNV futures market trading (cryptocurrency FX, leveraged trading) as a source of staking dividends.

Currently, fee revenue from the futures market at the major listing Binance is about 190 million USD.

It remains to be seen how far Coineal’s futures market will grow, but since it will receive a staking dividend from the earnings of this futures market trading, we can expect quite a bit of revenue from it as well.

In many cases, it is not clear what the source of the staking dividend is, but at Coinneal, it is clear that the dividend is from the earnings of the futures business.

In addition, there also seems to be a dividend from commissions from binary options, which are famous for their high-low prices.

Futures and binary trading are scheduled for release in the fall of 2021.

④ Plan to increase the number of coins

The current hash rate of the entire world is 5 million hashes, one coin is calculated per day, and sales are 5 billion USD.
The hash does not decrease, but “if it is” 2 million hashes, calculate 2 coins a day.

Mr W.B.Mr W.B.

It ’s simply double, right?

Coineal plans to buy 60% hash (CNV) for large investors and increase user coins by turning 40% hash into 2 million hashes.

We will buy back 3 million hash rates for this large investor from February to April 2021.

As a result, large-scale mass sales will disappear, and CNVs produced from the hash will also be incinerated, increasing the rarity of CNVs.

In other words, it’s like returning 3 million hashes, or 30 billion yen, to general miners.

The current value of CNV is $ 28, but if the value of CNV reaches $ 50 in June, the monthly interest will be 28%.

If the buyback starts in June and August, the monthly profit will change significantly.

It means that the monthly interest will change significantly as the currency value rises by making a buyback.

As shown in the table below, it is calculated that the monthly profit was not only 28% in June, but 28% retroactively from March.

If I go to $80 in August, that’s a 45% monthly interest rate.
This is a crazy figure that can only be achieved on a large exchange.
If this is true, isn’t it exciting?

⑦ Registration and Authentication walkthrough, and a referral code for participate!!

The referral plan has been newly changed, so I’ll introduce it here.
Click here

③CNV ☆ Referral reward (bonus plan) has been lifted 2/11/2021!


A word from Mr. Woo

There are many services I can’t say yet. I will create a long-term safe project for future.

While protecting users, we are preparing to grow the exchange and earn income.

We will continue to incinerate to increase the value of CNV and make it appear to be a continuously manageable project.

Starting in March, we will work with various partners to further expand the project called CNV.

We will do our best to make the exchange easier for more people to use.

Thank you.

Here’s a quick review.

The major changes include

  1. Increased reward return rate.
  2. No more binaries, only team trees (uni level).
  3. Rewards will be paid out based on the number of levels, regardless of whether you are in the R or L group (conditions for winning titles will remain the same).
  4. Sub-accounts can only be created until the new referral reward plan is launched.
  5. There will be three new rewards for specific titles and above (Rank Bonus, Roll Up Reward, and Promotion Reward).

And here’s a summary of the roadmap for the evolutionary version.

February 11, 2021, monthly interest rate UP plan goes into effect.
March 2021, Lending service
March 2021, start of new referral reward plan
Spring 2021 onwards, Infinite Buyback & Burn
Spring, 2021, Listing (Listing) Service
Summer 2021, Staking Service
Autumn, 2021: Futures and binary markets open

Three of the major points is the monthly profit increase plan and the growing buyback & burn from now on, right?

Looking at it so far, you can really understand the desire to grow the company on the management side, the measures to be given to the users.
In the future, Coineal will surely do what they talking execution.
I have no doubt but to expect as an investor myself.

If you are thinking about participate after seeing this, now is a great time.
However, please participate in the investment with your own surplus funds.

If you would like to participate in CNV, please send a message to Telegram or What’s App.

Here saying “I would like to participate in CNV“.

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I greatly support CNV Coineal!

⑦ Registration and Authentication walkthrough, and a referral code for participate!!

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