⑤ Video Meeting with Coineal representative! Latest information! There are also explanations for dump, unused, reserve, and point skip!

The other day, there was a Zoom meeting with Mr. Woo, the representative of Coineal.

After all, I think what everyone is concerned about is the price drop.

I’ve explained it in my last article, so if you read that, you’ll be able to participate differently.

I was really happy for that Mr. Woo participated in the zoom meeting.

After all, I thought that it was a zoom participation considering mining participants and coineal users.

I have been asked by many people, if it is better to mining or buy the actual product(market trade).
Of course, participants from overseas are most care about in this question.
As a matter of fact, the Coineal side is thinking of various ways to benefit those who are participating in mining.

After the end of the year incident, the management has responded by offering an extra 200 days from buying Bitcoin and USDT.

which seems to be one of the ways to increase the price.

I heard this kind of response from the company, I wanted to support them from the bottom of my heart.
This time’s content mainly explains the mechanism of dump, unused, and point skip.

Let’s explain one by one.

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Easy to participate.

Explanation of dump / unused / reserve / point skip

CNV binary rewards will give you points that are not counted as rewards.

There is four of them.

You can see the binary reward I wrote last time I think you can understand a little, so I will talk about four points from here.

A dump point

A dump point occurs in any account.

The dump point is abandoned from the weak leg of the existing binary tree.

Dump points from all users are stored in one place and Users will be rewarded for it on a monthly basis.

Dump point rewards are different based on rank, so the title is very important.

Receiving target rank
Viscount ・Earl ・Marquis・Duke 
Civilian / Knight / Baron
Can’t receive dump point rewards.

This is the outline of dump points, but since dump points increase with sales, it seems that the price has decreased considerably this time.

If the CNV price is $ 90 and $ 40, the sales will change significantly. 
The reason why dump rewards small amount is that there are actually few cycles too. There are two reasons for this are that the release of reserve point is 50%, and sales themselves are small amount.

To get a dump point depends on the number of cycles and rank each month.
It occurs when each account exceeds the maximum reward that can be received in one day!
Rank 1 cycle point

Number Maximum number of cycles

(W.L) Maximum points
for weaker legs

Civilian 2 10
Knight 5 4 20
Baron 5 6 30
Viscount 5 12 60
Earl 4 150 600
Marquis 3 180 540
Duke 3 200 600  
For example,
if the rank is Civilian, this is the condition.
・ 5 points on the left and right of the binary tree make one cycle
(= 10 points make one cycle)
・ The maximum daily cycle is 2 times
・ The maximum point of the weaker leg is 10 points.
If you exceed this maximum point, you will be thrown away.

In other words, in the case of Knight, the upper limit is 4 cycles of 20P: 20P on the left and right.

Of course, there are days when it exceeds 20P as follows.

At this time, looking at the left-right balance, the left side is small, so 21P-20P = 1P disappears, and this is the dump point.

Therefore, the left and right point balance on the next day will be like.

The disappeared dump points will be distributed to the title holders once a month.

This explanation will be explained together with the following unused points.

Mr albino alligatorMr albino alligator

For example, if you have $ 12,600 under the Civilian, you will get 21 points, but since the maximum points are 10, 11 points will be discarded.This is a waste points, isn’t it? The points is the CNV money.

Unused Point

Unused points are points that are not used on each leg of the binary tree.
Once a month, 50% of all users’ unused points are stored in one place. This is also the same as the dump point, and users can receive rewards on a monthly basis.
Rest assured that it will be stored separately from the dump point.
Also, what happens if you simply calculate the cycle reward?
Currently, the cycle reward is about $ 40.
(At the time of confirmation on January 15)
So in the case of the Civilian, if the cycle goes around Max twice, it costs $ 80.
However, if you are a knight who is one rank higher, you can run 4 cycles and you will get $ 160.
If these points are more than the Viscount, you can expect a considerable profit. So I recommend you to give a title.
Mining plans can be purchased in BTC, USDT or CNV currencies.
The reward will be paid in the currency in which the plan was purchased.
Albino alligatorAlbino alligator

That’s great for the new users!! A lot of people from your country can participate!

Reserve Point

The reserve point is what has been sold so far.
We need you to unlock these so we can start paying out rewards to you!

It looks like they can unlocked them (reserve point) at any time for 6 months, but the truth is, almost half of the accounts that exist right now don’t seem to have this unlocked in progress.

So there will be a warning when you are logged into the site from the Coineal side.
Please respond accordingly.

About the Point Skip

Advantages of Point Skipping

・You can place accounts without worrying about the number of levels while using points.
・The number of steps in the binary tree is reduced, so the cycle reward is higher.

The introduction of cycle rewards is a consideration for new users as the management has been thought that cycle rewards are low.

If you look at your account, you will see that some accounts are darker and some are lighter, but the lighter accounts are not eligible.

Please check this.

This one is important the picture bellow

It’s not a launch from 1/5/21.
It is counted from the day you join.

You can change this by aiming for Earl or higher, increasing your capital, transferring account from your introducer, or getting more referrals yourself.

Accounts that meet “specific conditions”
①The binary tree will no longer be counted in the number of stages
② Points are not added (reflected)
③ The reserve point cannot be unlocked.

※ Unused point of the requirements account will remain.

This is the explanation of dump points, unused points, reserve points, and point skips. If you would like to hear more details, please feel free to contact me.

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Kakao Talk

Opinions on price declines, future expectations,
and frequently questions.

I wrote an article about the price drop,Please check if you want to know it.

Mr Woo was answering us, the CNV value so far had been higher than expected.
The reason is that people who intentionally tried to make it plunge bought more little by little for several months.
The company side was also strange they thought.
Because They don’t get the mining project but It was said that they were sold a lot of one time by market trading.

From there, Currency sold began at once at the end of the year when  CNV mining could not be bought and can’t withdraw from bank account.
It was hard to find those bad plan by company.
The company could identify who it is so, Since there are no institutional investors in the future, there is no need to worry about a plunge.

So the most frequently asked question before the price dropped
It was often said whether it was better to buy mining or to trade in the market.
If there is such a thing, I will recommended participate in the mining.

Because we still get currency every 30 minutes, and still 10% monthly interest.

and also CNV is high Yield Investment Program but not Ponzi scheme.

 The Ponzi scheme is a shoestring operation that does not actually manage funds and passes the money collected from investors as dividends right to left.

This is a so-called scam.

There is so many project out there, and most top people hiding the face on the video chat or seminar.

Even not show up to us.

Or if you put it in the bank, it is 1 to 5% yearly interest.

Mr Albino alligatorMr Albino alligator

If I put money in an account in your country, how much annual interest will I get?It’s not much is’t it?

There is not many high return project like this.

By the way Lending and staking will start in the future, So there is no doubt that CNV will be excite soon.

And CNV going to the  market on March.

So That moment I hope CNV value goes up.

Other question is Which country participate in the world.

We just started from japan first next Korea. 

Mr Woo told me Vietnam and Germany, South Africa are just participate now.

So if it start early to participate from your country now, It’ll be easy to make money.


To be honest, I didn’t feel good about this price drop.
I was only mining participant, but I strongly felt that I was a scary world considering that this was a market day trade.
I was comfortable that Mr. Woo participated in Zoom meeting and answered all the questions.

We have also received comments for our users!
The meeting begins with an apology for this price drop,
He explained the question carefully and in an easy-to-understand manner.
According to Mr. Woo, many services will come out in the future.

Please be assured that we will prepare a service that you can use immediately and make it easy and easy to use.”

It was said that you can expect a lot of project.
I’m sure big projects will be done all over the world.
If CNV is prepared in the world market, it will be recognized in various places and the price will rise significantly.

I’d like to see a service that can be used both inside and outside the exchange so that CNV and more Coineal exchanges users will be used in the future, and I’m really looking forward to the future as an investor.

Please text me I’m thinking to participate in “Telegram” or “WhatsApp”.
If you attach the stamp together in text!,that’ll be thankful.

Kakao Talk

Easy to participate.

Now is the best time to deposit to Coineal account before March!

⑥ New Announcement of CNV 2021!!


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①Billionaire project creating from CNV ☆ Coineal heads to the world market after the Japanese testing period!!

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