①Billionaire project creating  from CNV ☆ Coineal heads to the world market after the Japanese testing period!!

Do you know about “virtual currency” or “bitcoin”?

Most people do not think of them as dangerous and good for invest.

In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to live off of one job.

I am worried about my future life and how I will be able to live in my old age.

Isn’t that especially true for all of us now?

Nowadays, you can easily do side jobs with your smart phone and invest without any worries.

If you can’t open a bank account, you can easily open one and you can easily trade it.

You will see the potential of cryptocurrencies become big in all over the world.

In addition. blockchain technology, which is a Bitcoin security system, is beginning to be introduced by major banks around the world for its security.
This spring, Bitcoin was also defined as money in Japan and can be used for payment.
It is in anticipation of demand from foreign shoppers.

For foreigners living overseas, there is no need for cashing if Bitcoin payment is possible, so there is no exchange fee (even if you pay by credit card, there is an exchange fee).

And for the store side, the fee is cheaper than the credit card.

Mr Albinoalligator heartMr Albinoalligator heart

Isn’t this amazing is this?

Poor people, especially in developing countries, cannot open accounts in banks.

Therefore, it is not possible to directly receive remittances from families who are migrating to developed countries.

And remittance fees and exchange fees will be deducted, and they will be extraction by middle supplier.

However, with Bitcoin, you can receive it with just a smartphone.

Some of people in the world still have an only mobile phone, even if they don’t have a bank account. Even People from tribes in the world.

The demand for virtual currency will increase for sure.

If you are interested in investment projects, please read this article as there are some very interesting projects in Japan.

Mr Muscle KoalaMr Muscle Koala

”The world of virtual currencies that is attracting attention in the world now.
Bitcoin is said to be the first generation, Ethereum is the second generation, and now is the third generation”.

Based on this, many virtual currencies that make full use of blockchain technology have emerged.

Things like scams like Ponzi schemes, things that heavy plunge on the way even if listed.

I was unable to work full time in Corona almost every day and was looking for a variety of good projects…

As soon as I was looking for it, I connected with information about an awesome project!

Mr. albino alligator. I usually calmly judge and identify investment projects myself,

but I think it’s okay to have an adventure with this CNV.♪

Because it is easier to understand and you can imagine for success.

And there is rarely a time when the great project information will come sooner.

From Mr Koala who is also Albino’s Mentor (adviser)…

Mr Muscle KoalaMr Muscle Koala

Albino, please listen up. There is a wonderful project in Japan, why don’t you write a blog about this project to make people all over the world aware of it?

And it was a time when I was a little worried about the restaurant business, so could you tell me more about it?

And I asked.

After hearing from Ms. Koala, theThe story came directly from the CEO Japan of “Coineal”.

Mr Albino Alligator Mr Albino Alligator

When I heard that story, I thought, “I really want to spread this around the world!”

CNV is a project started by Coineal on September 14, 2020!
Mining start date: September 21, 2020
Coineal goes to the world market end of December after the Japanese test period!!

For the time being, I will explain to While comparing about Coineal and famous exchange Binanece briefly here!

Established: April 2018
Number of users: Approximately 7.5 million
Transaction volume: Approximately 100 billion

Established: July 2017
Number of users: Approximately 10 million
Trading volume: Approximately 110 billion

Binance achieved a profit of about 200 million dollars in the first quarter of 2018 (January-March), and achieved it with 200 employees in just eight months since its establishment.

Coineal currently has revenues of $ 150-200 million, and has achieved tremendous momentum since it was established a year after Binance was founded.

Nasdaq, which is making the same amount of profit, has been in business for 47 years and has 4,500 employees, so you can see how amazing it is.

Albino alligatorAlbino alligator

Mr. Albino alligator was one of the points that made me feel the potential of this story!

Because it wasn’t from the president who didn’t know well,
but from the top overseas company that already has a track record in the world.

This article is written to give you an overview of CNV mining investments. First of all, Coineal is established a year after Binance was founded since achieved by tremendous momentum.

A project directly undertake by Coineal, a major cryptocurrency exchange.

This case is

Would you like to participate in the initial mining of original coins (CNV) on the exchange?

Even with Bitcoin. The benefits of participating in the early stages are great, such as the succession of millionaires in the early miners.

As explained below, coineal’s “CNV” is solid. No worries about fraud.

What kind of information is CNV …
Let’s get ahead of the information as soon as possible ♪ ☆

CNV(Coineal Value Coin)

First, CNV is an abbreviation for Coineal Value Coin.

Mr Albino alligatorMr Albino alligator

As the name suggests, it is a cryptocurrency issued by an exchange called Coineal.

 The point of CNV(Coineal Value Coin)

The ranking at Coin Market Cap feels like it’s hovering between 30th and 40th place.

What is the axis of this site?
user? Trading volume?
But Coineal is …

● Daily transaction volume is 1 billion USD

● 7.5 million users worldwide

It is one of the largest exchanges in the world.

It’s a very big the world exchange ♪

Headquartered in Asia-Pacific region, South Korea, and other local subsidiaries in Japan, Russia and Vietnam.

And it was announced by “Coineal” will issue its own coin, CNV.

CNV is a project started by Coineal on September 14, 2020!
Mining start date: September 21, 2020

And it went public on September 24th for $ 2 and is now $ 84!

Albino alligatorAlbino alligator

Coineal” goes to the world market after the Japanese test period!!

Mr Albino SnakeMr Albino Snake

That’s how amazing information isn’t it?

After all timing is super important in any profit story.

There is no doubt that the first-mover advantage exists in this world, and that is the core and secret of profit-making.

CNV will be a proprietary cryptocurrency issued by Coineal, but

By the way, what is the original coin issued by the exchange?

I think there are people who say that, so I will explain Binance coin compared earlier briefly first.

What are the exchange’s proprietary coins!

Mr Albino alligatorMr Albino alligator

BNB (Binance Coin) is famous for its unique coins on the exchange, isn’t it?

BNB is a unique coin issued by Binance,

the world’s most famous cryptocurrency exchange.

and is the 7th largest currency in the cryptocurrency ranking.

The current price of BNB was about 2500 yen, It became times 100 in one year after listing !

By the way, Binance was established in July 2017 and listed BNB in ​​the same year.

Albino alligatorAlbino alligator

What’s great about CNV is that it already has 7.5million Coineal users!

Binance has increased the price of BNB while increasing the number of users,

But the point is that Coineal already has an overwhelming number of users!

Mr Albino SnakeMr Albino Snake

What are the benefits of having this CNV?

Mr Albino alligatorMr Albino alligator

It is a merit to have CNV by raising the price by three measures including ❶ “burning” and ❷ “buying back”and price fixing!

There arebuy backandburnas measures that are said to be implemented to raise prices.

Since the CNV has a burn function, the Coineal side buys back CNV and

burn repurchased CNV.

Buyback means that Coineal buys CNV from the market.

For example, It seems that we will do something similar to a tender offer for shares.

In other words, the number of CNV coins in the market will decrease because the CNV will be burned. If it decreases, the value of the coin will increase.

Imagine buying a plan with CNV and “burn“(erase) the CNV that went into operation …

Don’t you think that the value will increase?

This is important The mechanism that raises the price with the “burn” function.

burn“explain next page.

And it went public on September 24th for $ 2 and is now December 19th $ 84 !!!


CNV is a project that Coineal is working on to make a leap forward as an exchange.

The basic aim is to retain users through CNV.

Have users make money with CNV and make “heavy user” to Coineal.

If the number of users increases and the number of transactions increases, Coineal will make a profit with a commission.

Since this is the aim, Coineal itself does not intend to make money with CNV.

It’s a project that focuses on “user returns”.

Albino AlligatorAlbino Alligator

It’s the same as Starbucks offering coupons and discounts to surround users.

・ It is a major exchange with a clear entity that is operated by Coineal.
・ It is a project that the management side considers to make the user profitable first.
・ There is almost no operating cost burden.

What’s more, there is no special cost for CNV projects because you only need to list your coins on your exchange.

Many companies provide a place for mining to be mined.
The person who manages it, the electricity bill will cost a lot.


Also, mining is called “data hash mining”, and there is no need for a large number of PCs like a Bitcoin mining factory.

Mr Albino SnakeMr Albino Snake

You can find out more about mining on various websites, so check it out.


Coineal can be mined by software on an existing server.

It doesn’t require a place, no labor costs, and no high electricity bill.

One more things I want you to know.

If you do price manipulation in stock investment or currency trading, it’s a big problem, right?

But for now, virtual currencies are allowed to do that.

Whether you can understand the meaning of this is directly related to whether you can make money or not, so I want you to make sure you understand it.

Only virtual currency is allowed to openly say “I’ll manipulate the price”.

The exchange Coineal will do market making this time.

What if the exchanges could create a market?

Albino alligatorAlbino alligator

I bet the value will go up!

CNV went public for 1 CNV = $ 2. $ 84 as of December 24th today.

Mr Albino SnakeMr Albino Snake

Prices have been rising at a pace of + $1 every day for the past few days!!

How much CNV can be received with which plan

In September, when mining just started, you can receive about 1 CNV per day for the $600 plan. (It’s a little less at the moment.)

For the $1,200 plan, it is about 2 CNV.  for the $4,800 plan, it is about 7 to 8 CNV.

(Slightly less at the moment)

Since a block is generated every 30 minutes, you will actually receive a CNV every 30 minutes.

In the future, the number of CNVs you can receive will decrease depending on the number of blocks, stages, and hash rates.

Here’s what’s great about CNV!

Now, here is the main subject of CNV.

Participating in CNV will allow you to participate in coin mining like BNB and Bitcoin in ​​the early stages!

Albino AlligatorAlbino Alligator

Simply put, if you participate in mining, you’ll get CNV coins every day! I do not recommend market trading.
Because it fell sharply at the end of last year.
I wrote an article about that view.
Please check Here.

To summarize the points.

①You can participate in the plan from “$ 300” and get a mining reward for 1000 days or 1200 days(I’ll help you get the best value for your money).

② There is an income gain that can be distributed from the investment profit of Coineal if you have CNV.

③CNV has a burn function, and the issue limit is set at 21 million coins, so there is a high possibility that the price will rise daily.

④ Mining will start the day after the purchase.

⑤ If you participate at an early timing, there is a high possibility that you will be positioned at the top of the organizational chart where you plan to binary.

⑥ American or Chinese nationals cannot be purchased.

⑦ Global expansion has begun!

The Mining is not risk, I recommend to get the mining.

Mr Albino SnakeMr Albino Snake

You can join the mining project from $ 300. It’s very easy to participate!

CNV Summary

The CNV of the new project will be information at an early timing, so that it is a miracle that I met at this timing.

Coineal has a large number of users and is already generating significant revenue as an exchange.

What if you fail in this case?

Often in corporate management, when developing a new brand, it may be developed under a brand name that is completely different from the existing popular brand.

This has the effect of minimizing the impact on existing popular brands and risk diversification by multiple brands in the unlikely event that a new brand fails.

How about CNV?

From its name, it is a big event carrying a sign called CoiNeal Value coin, that is, Coineal.

There is a battle here that they can never lose.

It’s a serious project.

Albino alligatorAlbino alligator

What about exchange users ? if they are risking an investment like a Ponzi scheme for this project?

At the seminar, Mr Woo CEO Coineal Japan who will show up his face to everyone, talk to them directly, and respond politely to questions.

The number of people who want to register is increasing, and I am trying to respond to each person one by one, so we are dealing with Telegram and What’s app every day.

Click here to see the chart.
You can also register to mining project.

CNV will start and expand to the rest of the world 12/20.

I can say that CNV has a 100% chance of success … Of course investment is at your own risk! Please enjoy with surplus funds ♪

Click here for an article written in a little more detail !!

②CNV has been listed! How to raise the price, what is the ”burn” function?!

We have prepared a very easy-to-understand manual for those who say How to join♬

⑦ Registration and Authentication walkthrough, and a referral code for participate!!

If you would like to participate in CNV, please send a message to Telegram or What’s App.

Here saying “I would like to participate in CNV“.

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