❾ Great advertising for BGS!!! This is how BGS does it!

I’m really amazed by BGS.
I think it’s really great that they are developing at such a great rate every month.
It contains a lot of pretty secure materials in the investment case.

As an investing company, it has a lot of safe elements very much.

There are still geniuses in Japan aren’t there.

Must-see for those who want to invest in talented people in Japan!

I have three things to report first.

Tokyo Girls Collection is the biggest fashion show in Asia

BGS’s partner company Click Holding is participating in Tokyo Girls Collection.

Tokyo Girls Collection is the biggest fashion show in Asia, and this time we were only able to watch it live online.
That number was a whopping 2.1 million people watching!

Albino alligatorAlbino alligator

Mr. Hanzawa’s marketing is amazing!

The 81-year-old celebrity was appointed and the topic was a huge hit.

Needless to say, it was just best choice and had a big impact.

Mr Albino SnakeMr Albino Snake

Who the hell is she?

Mr Albino alligatorMr Albino alligator

I’ll explain to you now.

Her name is Mis Dewi Sukarno.

She is a Japanese businesswoman, socialite, television personality and philanthropist. She was the wife of the first President of Indonesia, Mrs Sukarno.

Mr Albino SnakeMr Albino Snake

Yeah? Is she the President’s wife?

Mr Albino alligatorMr Albino alligator

Yes, she is! She’s got a lot of experience! So she’s pretty serious about deciding which company to make her an ambassador, so you can see how trustworthy BGS is.

She’ve had a variety of life experiences, and she’ve been involved in business management, charity work, and famous entertainer in Japan, and also she often appears on TV.

If you would to know her a little better.


Mr Albino SnakeMr Albino Snake

She is the oldest person to perform in this fashion show all history, right?

Mr Albino alligatorMr Albino alligator

That’s right! I respect her! She’s 81 years old! Look at her heels! Can you walk like her?

Mr. Hanzawa, who can pull off such a surprising person,

makes me excited about the his future.

This bike has won a Good Design Award, and I’ve always had the establishing proof that the previous win items “will sell”.
The last bike that won an award has a confirmed sales history of tens of thousands of units.
So we can expect sales not only from games but also from our own products like this.
BGS participants will receive a distribution dividend from these sales.

You can see that the management, including Mr. Hanzawa, is thinking of making a lot of dividends to the participants isn’t it.

Click here to read about other products from BGS.


Mr Albino alligatorMr Albino alligator

What’s the next other surprise?

The world’s first LED truck advertising

The next surprise is the world’s first LED truck advertising.

Albino alligatorAlbino alligator

It’s really too much to do. LoL

This truck seems to have run around Shibuya station, so it’s getting a lot of attention.
wouldn’t it just a matter of time to traverse not only Shibuya but also Tokyo it is.

First revenue sharing!

Be Gaming Coin (BGC) has been publication on Coin Gecko, the world’s largest information site that lists various information on crypto assets (virtual currencies)!

Click here to view Coin Gecko – Be Gaming Coin (BGC).


It also received a historic first dividend.

As per the white paper, it is not only the cryptocurrency business that BGS is pursuing.
Games, casinos, and various products.
You can earn rights income from that as well.

There will definitely come a day when you will be glad that you invested in BGS.

For now, it’s not important that you get a big payout, but it would be great if you can recognize that this business is actually moving steadily and getting bigger.

As for the distribution dividend figures, I’m asking the management now.
I’ll report back as soon as I know.

We support Mr. Hanzawa’s actions and the development of BGS in the future.

Click here for an article about rights income.



By participating in BGS’s investment project, you can buy a bicycle and still get distribution dividends.

Leasing these bicycles is just one more business to be done too.
After all, there is a demand for products that have won good design.

Depending on how you think about it, you can use BGS products to create a new business.

This is a very interesting investment project in Japan right now, and I recommend it as an investor.

According to the latest information, they are working on listing on another exchange, and I will report on that as soon as it is decided.

If you want to know more about the project, please feel free to contact Albino.

Please text me, what you want to know in “Telegram“ or “WhatsApp“.
If you attach the stamp together in text, that’ll be thankful.

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How to Register Bithumb Global

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